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ProQ Rodeo Kettle bbq

ProQ Rodeo Kettle bbq

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Elevate your outdoor cooking game with a ProQ Kettle BBQ. This 22”/57cm premium charcoal barbecue can sear the perfect steak, and allows you to easily transform into a smoker for cooking low'n slow briskets, racks of ribs or pork shoulder.

Packed with cool features from a roll-on roll-off lid, a handy side table, an in-built lid thermometer and multiple vents including the Whisper Vent allowing you to control your temperature with ease.

  • The 22" / 57 cm charcoal barbecue can easily grill burgers and sausages, roast chicken, or smoke brisket, pulled pork and more! The ultimate charcoal kettle grill for anyone looking to start or those looking for a reliable everyday charcoal grill.
  • The "Whisper Vent" is perfect for low’n slow cooking, allowing you to really dial in your temperature by controlling your air intake precisely, with or without a BBQ controller.
  • Equipped with silicone cool touch tabs on the lid vent and probe eyelets to prevent damaged probe wires!
  • Quickly & easily get access to your food by sliding your lid across into the lid cradle. Keeps your lid safely out of the way when hot.
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