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Petromax Set of 2 Enamel Plates - Black - Large

Petromax Set of 2 Enamel Plates - Black - Large

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Sizzling meat straight from the grill, delicious pancakes and grilled vegetables are just some of the dishes which can be served on Petromax Enamel Plates. The fired surface of these sturdy lightweight plates is heat-resistant and impervious to scratches. Thanks to the stainless-steel rim the plates are impact-resistant.

Due to the smooth surface, the enamel is easy to clean also when travelling. This is the reason why the Petromax Enamel Plates are the perfect equipment for outdoors.

Available in three different sizes, the plates look great around any campfire cooking place. Each package contains two Enamel Plates of the same colour.


  • Food-safe tableware for the whole family
  • Hygienic and impact-resistant thanks to stainless-steel rim
  • Scratch-resistant and quick to clean for easy handling
  • Ideal for on the move due to low weight
  • Available in three different sizes
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