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Grden V2 Kamado

Grden V2 Kamado

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V2 Kamado—a pinnacle of style and innovation. With its sleek and cutting-edge design, this Kamado transforms smoking and charcoal grilling.

Roast, bake, spit-roast, grill, pan cooking, dirty cooking, low and slow, smoke, grill

Equipped with an advanced digital dial, V2 allows for effortless monitoring of your cooks and precise control over core temperatures. The vibrant 4" screen provides real-time updates, or seamlessly sync it with your phone for convenient monitoring from the comfort of your sofa.

We've completely transformed the bottom air tunnel™, delivering unrivaled air control even in the face of unpredictable weather conditions. The hinge, boasting two robust dampers, enables the lid to float with grace, granting you a flawlessly smooth and seamless grilling experience. Our exceptional urban olive green OR carbon black shield ensures year-round grilling and smoking excellence, regardless of the elements.

Please note that the V2 Stand and wings are sold separately to complete your ultimate setup.

  • Height 92cm / With stand 130cm
  • Cooking grid diameter 20"
  • External Diameter 25"
  • Weight with stand 140kg
  • Temperature range 100°c - 400°c
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