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Blackstone -E Series 17" Electric Tabletop Griddle

Blackstone -E Series 17" Electric Tabletop Griddle

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The Blackstone 17inch Electric Tabletop Griddle is a sensation among people who want to cook indoors or on the road without the hassle of using gas. The slick non-stick ceramic titanium griddle plate coating makes for an easy cook and cleanup - making it one of the highest quality electric griddles out there!

PLEASE NOTE:  E-Series units are not compatible with metal utensils.

Features of Blackstone 17inch Electric Tabletop Griddle:

  • Blackstone's first electric griddle for indoor and outdoor cooking.
  • 223-square-inch cooktop surface
  • Large LCD digital display for easy readability.
  • The patented rotate and remove glass hood provides sleek protection and traps heat for cooking and steaming.
  • Non-stick Ceramic Titanium-coated griddle surface for easy cooking and clean-up.
  • Dishwasher-safe grease cup
  • The EZ-Touch control dial is easy to use
  • Clean-catch, low-profile patented rear grease management system makes clean-up quick, easy, and discrete.
  • Ships with a Euro to UK power converter 

  • Fits 9 Burgers
  • Fits 4 Steaks
  • Fits 30 Hot Dogs
  • Fits 9 Pancakes
  • Fits 9 Eggs
  • Feeds 2 to 6
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