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Blackstone Egg Ring Kit

Blackstone Egg Ring Kit

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Blackstone Egg Rings for the perfect breakfast

Blackstone Egg Ring Kit is a surefire way to make your egg and sausage breakfast sandwiches look as though a real chef at a café prepared them.
The Egg Ring Bundle comes with 8 egg rings: 4 circle, and 4 square. Use the egg rings as a form for sausage patties, omelettes, crab cakes, pancakes, hash browns, and more! Pair your creations with a bagel, English muffin, or croissant, and your perfectly prepared breakfast sandwiches will be the talk of the town. Each silicone ring is dishwasher-safe for your convenience once you’re done at the griddle.
Blackstone Egg Ring Kit: 
  • Includes four (4) circle rings and four (4) square rings
  • Use as a form for sausage, eggs, crab cakes, pancakes, and more
  • Shapes are uniform in size
  • Each ring made of silicone
  • Rings are all dishwasher safe
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